An old-fashioned atmosphere in a refined environment, together with an informal and discreet hospitality.

At the beginning the Villa Farinella B&B was an ancient residence of the seventeenth century, modified by the architect Prada to make it his holiday cottage in the nineteenth century.

It was made over into a great square-plan building, with a beautiful entry on Viale Trieste.

Prada belonged to an important family from Viterbo, whose patrician palace can still be seen in the city centre.

This architect, who was the superintendent of all the properties of the Church in Alto Lazio, built other two villas similar to Villa Farinella, outside the boundary walls of the city. Up to World War Two the Villa was situated in the open countryside and it was the main residence of a large farm, which included other 4 ancient country houses.

The entry to the villa was through a main wrought iron gate, which is now the entry to via Capodistria: once it was a beautiful avenue bordered by lush pergolas of grapevines.


At present Via Capodistria is a tarmac road that ends just outside our gate. When entering, there is a large courtyard, fenced with century-old horse chestnuts.

The main door is framed by 4 peperino columns, whose capitals hold up a balcony where the coat of arms of the Prada family can still be seen.

The interior opens into an entrance hall with a country pattern decorated ceiling, according to the spirit of the time.

Il portone di Villa Farinella

Today Villa Farinella is in a residential neighbourhood  just out of Viterbo, at about 1,5 KMs from the city walls. You can also walk to the city centre, going along a shady boulevard – Viale Trieste - bordered by large pavements.

At Villa Farinella you can relish an old-fashioned atmosphere, in a refined environment, together with a discreet hospitality: we are always available for any information.

The owners, who take care of the house where they were born and live, are passionately devoted not only to the management of the place.

Laura e Rita

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