Villa Farinella recommends the following restaurants


Simply the best value for money in Tuscia. A true gastronomic revelation, maybe not in a propitious place as it is inside the CineTuscia in Vitorchiano. However you will be surprised at the excellent meat or fish-based menu as well as at the delicious pizzas created and prepared by Andrea, one of the owners and a real enthusiast. It’s absolutely worth. A first-rate service: Michela is an exceptional host.

Biccaba Via Marmolada | Loc. Pallone Vitorchiano, Viterbo, Italy
Phone 0039 0761 371461


One of the best restaurants in the centre of Viterbo; it is intimate, cosy and private. It offers a modern menu, not overabundant, but faithful to our gastronomy with little surprises and some treats. The menu is periodically changed. This restaurant is perfect for a romantic dinner.
Via Ascenzi 01100 Viterbo
Phone 0761 346804


Forse la migliore pizzeria storica di Viterbo. Ambiente semplice, pochi fronzoli ma pizze "biscottate" curate una ad una nel piccolo forno a legno con amore e passione. Mario & Attilio oltre alla signora Angela vi coccoleranno il giusto andando al sodo: scegliete la Napoli alta, la San Leonardo alta ma  anche le "come sai tu" e la pizza "dell'avvocato" pizze non in carta e fatte per ospiti speciali. Da qualche anno c'è anche qualche primo e secondo piatto tradizionale servito abbondante.
Via San Leonardo  01100 Viterbo
Phone 0761 308184


It is only 300 metres far from Villa Farinella and is worth a visit both for its convenience and for the place itself- an old country house  with a beautiful portico where you can have dinner during spring and summer. The owner is very skilful at cooking fish, but all the dishes in the menu are excellent.
Viale Trieste  01100 Viterbo
Phone 0761 344018


Would you like an exceptional environment that seems to come out of a film about Trastevere of the fifties? This is Trattoria di Porta Romana, an institution of the cuisine of Viterbo. This cuisine is entirely a tradition of our region; it is home-made with lavish portions and some sauces, perfect on these occasions. House wine, a verbally suggested menu and a full stomach when leaving the restaurant: you can be sure!
Via Bonta'  01100 Viterbo
Phone 0761 307118


It’s a pity that it is open only during the weekends and in winter. If  possible, it is worth a tasting of the cuisine of our medieval tradition, above all the different kinds of soup, the “lombrichi  alla vitorchianese” or the honey kebabs. The restaurant is refined, tasteful and informal at the same time. The list of wines could be better.

Via Marrocca  01100 Viterbo
Phone 0761 228009


It is the best restaurant in Viterbo and the sixth in Lazio, according to the “Gambero Rosso”. Here you don’t merely have dinner, but you begin an initiatory journey to a world made of taste and flavours. Luigi Ciavattini is the remarkable chef and Luigi Picca is an internationally valued head-waiter and sommelier. Of course, the prices are not those of a little restaurant: the service, the care of the materials and the innovation of the dishes - where the materials of our region are privileged – are typical of a prize-winning restaurant (it has had a Michelin star for 3 years, the only restaurant in Viterbo.) It has a good value for money. Finally, the list of wines is superlative and very rich.
Via della Torre, 5  01100 Viterbo
Phone 0761 226467


Tipico ristorante storico a fianco Piazza delle Erbe. Cucina tipica, piatti abbondanti, pochissimi coperti. Merita una visita.
Via Macel Gattesco  01100 Viterbo
Phone 0761 304619


Placed under an arch in a fantastic medieval scene in Via Saffi, L’Archetto proposes a simple and traditional menu. It is perfect to have lunch outdoors during spring and summer.
Via San Cristoforo, 1, 01100 Viterbo, Italia
Phone +39 0761325769


In Via Annio, it is a long-established restaurant which proposes a good menu but also delicious pizzas created with fancy and imagination. The ice-cream is excellent and the list of artisanal beers is very rich.
Via Annio, 10  01100 Viterbo
Phone 0761.226694


It is not easily reachable for the guests of  Villa Farinella: Trevinano is a very small village at about 10 kilometres from Acquapendente and therefore at about 60 kilometres from Viterbo. However La Parolina is absolutely worth a  tasting of the excellent proposals. Together with the Enoteca La Torre, it is the only restaurant in the province of Viterbo which has a Michelin star.

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