Villa Farinella sitting-rooms

One of the peculiarities of villa Farinella are its large sitting-rooms: the entry sitting-room has an ancient coffered ceiling and its walls are painted with refined oak branches framing the doors. When entering, you almost feel to be in an ancient nineteenth-century villa.

You can really sense the past life of our family: a piano, family portraits, period consoles, a big ancient "peperino" fireplace and finally an elegant Venetian parlour furniture of the eighteenth century - The second sitting-room has a vaulted ceiling, skilfully decorated with softened colours, which are reproduced in the sofas and in the armchairs.

A large picture by the painter Antonio Cerica from Viterbo stands out on a wall. The pictorial work is very interesting: with its symbolism and allegories, it takes us back to the ancient magic world of the Etruscans, as this area is the very heart of the Etruscan civilization.

Breakfast is served here where our guests can watch TV, read or listen to music. In the sitting-room there is also a small fridge available.

Le lapin blanc needs to be follow! Did you know this?